The "Maestro"

Antonio Ceolin, from School Teacher to Wrought Iron Designer.

Fifty years of history, about which we ask the Founder Antonio Ceolin to tell us, starting from his previous working-journey, always marked by commitment and passion.

Up to seventeen years our protagonist had known the hard work of the fields. Then the strong appeal of the books had led him to become the tutor of about seventy young boys, who were attending, as internal students, a professional institute in Cividale, in order to be able, in his free moments, to study, as a private student of teacher’s training school, with the aim of teaching.

Always by bike the journey from Chions, to Cividale and then to Udine and always unchanged the economic hardships.

The hard work for a diploma.

After a very intense rhythm of study-work the Teacher's sweaty diploma arrived, the assignment in Sardinia and in other various locations, and then, finally, the return to the small town of Chions.

"But it was growing in him the call of manual creativity."

The idea of wrought iron attracted him, it was born following the activity, in his free time, of a company in Pordenone, that worked iron without machines, only with the stamping/pressing machine.

So, in the fateful '68, with his wife Gina, who recently passed away, in a small warehouse in Pasiano, Antonio founded Rik-Fer Srl.

To become artisans of wrought iron is choice of life: an artistic and human choice, which requires a lot of application and a lot of apprenticeship.

To have the ambition to stand out, as each forged piece starting from iron is practically unique.

Today, the Company created by the "Maestro" has significantly established itself in the world and it is appreciated in the field of design and as emphasized by the Maestro, widely copied. Antonio's story is characterized by being a very talented craftsman who, with his manual skill and few tools available, knew how to get everything that today is produced by machines.

The elements of the impressive catalogues have been designed mostly by hand by Maestro Antonio.

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