Our offers ranges from elaborate and refined tables to the most simple but elegant coffee tables... find here what you need.

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RIK-FER produces handmade wrought iron chairs.

Our chairs have classic or modern style and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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RIK-FER produces handmade wrought iron lamps in a classic and elegance style.

These ornaments combine the strenght of iron structure, that ensures long life to the product, to style and grace.

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Console tables and mirrors

RIK-FER realized wrought iron console tables and mirrors to furnish rooms and entrances.

The console is an ornamental table, with only two legs, that should be set against the wall and completed with a mirror.

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Fireplace tools

RIK-FER realizes wrought iron accessories and tools for the functionality and aesthetics of chimneys and fireplaces.

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Curtain rods

RIK-FER realizes handmade wrought iron curtain rods in classic style.

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Mail boxes and letterbox plates

Rik-fer offers a wide range of wrought iron mail boxes and letterbox plates, available in various shapes.

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RIK-FER offers a range of handcrafted furnishings, wrought iron ornaments to give personality to your home.

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RIK-FER offers a range of wrought iron hand craft products for garden and exteriori furniture.

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Flower boxes

RIK-FER offers wrought iron flower boxes and plant pots to embellish balconies, terraces and gardens.

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Garment bag

Hangers, coat rack, wrought iron hangers accessories to keep your clothes neat.

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Candle holder

Handcrafted wrought iron candle holder

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Signifer handcrafted wrought iron.

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Our beds will give your rooms a touch of elegance and the magic, of lost things over time that are beth past and future. Cold and hard as iron of whichthed made of but at the same time warm and alive like the fire that shaped them.

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